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Women Business Grant Information - Start Up Business Grants for Women

Women Business Grant Information - Start Up Business Grants for Women

There is a big difference between a business grant and a small business loan. For those who do not know this, you do not have to repay the financial assistance you get through a grant, but a loan needs to be repaid. When you apply for a loan, the lending organization will check if you are capable of repaying the loan and if you have a good credit rating. If you are applying for start up business grants for women, an organization will have a pre set eligibility criteria which you have to qualify for. 

To help you understand better, a grant is financial assistance for a specific purpose or for a pre decided target group. For example some institutions give grant money for starting day care centers, college grants for single moms or, for minority women. People have this misconception that grants are excess funds just lying in the governments coffers waiting to be taken advantage of.

Business Grants for Women

There are two avenues for start up business grants for women, federal government grants and the other private funding organizations. Like any financial assistance program, you are required to fill out an application form, state your purpose and give details about your background, when applying for grants for start up business for women. Most people get discouraged by the application process and don't even try for grants money. It is advisable to go through the application process because the outcome can be rewarding.

When looking for grants for women who are starting a business, you should have a look at the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA). They provide grants for women under different categories, they have over 2 thousand assistance programs. The CFDA grants help women from different walks of life and ethnic backgrounds start their own business.

Another resource for start up business loans for women is the US Small Business Administration (SBA). They also offer grant programs, to organizations that render small business management, or technical assistance. The SBA mostly gives grants to non profit organizations, state and local governments.

If you are looking for government grants, you need to apply on the government grants site, once you do this you will get a funding opportunity number (FON). You can then track you grants application online on their site. When you apply, you will be required to furnish information about the project details and your background.

State governments are a good resource to look for start up business grants closer to home. The federal government allocates development funds for each state and the state in turn gives a part of these funds to individuals to start or expand their business. State government give grants to businesses that will benefit the community in the long term. Projects dealing with saving energy, child care and tourism are supported by the state governments.

There are many non profit organizations that provide financial aid to women, to help them support themselves and their families. Non profit organization have cause driven grants and they help women from a target group. For example there are organizations who give grants for single mothers to help them support their children. Women who are victims of domestic violence also find support from not for profit institutions. Some organizations specialize in giving small business grants for minority women.

Start up business grants for women, at times, are difficult to find, but if you put in the effort in researching for the right organization and category that you could apply for, it will bear fruit. Whenever you want to apply for a grant, keep information about your financial background, business plan, marketing plan and market predictions ready, to stand a better chance of getting the grant.

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