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How to Get UK Study Visa

How to Get UK Study Visa

When applying for UK study visa, you should have been accepted as for study at a recognized university. The company, Invoke International (Pvt.) Ltd has many educational institutes and universities in UK as associates and the advisers there help students get admission in any institute they want as well as they give advices about which course will be suitable for you with respect to your educational background and achievements.

You should have all your original documents ready before you are applying for UK Visa. It would be better if you would keep your documents together in advance so you would be able to give it to any advisor on time.

This article will provide you with a checklist named UK Visa Checklist, which will guide you through the process of documentation and you will know easily what you have to do exactly. Demand of documents differs as students differ from each other respective of their cases and keeping this thing in mind, every case relevant document should be given to the advisors.


For Applicant:

Original Passport along with copy
(valid for at least 6 months)
Original ID card along with copy
(FedEx Gerry’s requirement)
Unconditional letter of acceptance from college, school or university
4 recent passport size photographs
(white background and 45mm * 35mm in size)
All Original Educational & Non Educational Documents
(should be attested from IBCC and HEC, Embassy requirement)
Original IELTS/TOEFL or relevant Score Report
TB Screening Report
Copies of all Educational Transcripts along with IELTS/TOEFL Score Report
Proof of Educational Gap (if applicable)
Job Experience letters (if applicable)
High Commission Fee GBP145
British Council Student Select Scheme Fee Rs. 6500.
The Total of Points you need to apply:

For student visa, you need to have 40 points and a proof that must be provided with your application form.

Points 1:

First 30 points you will get from any known educational institute. This is also known as Sponsorship.

Proof And Documents Needed:

You will need a visa letter from your educational institute (approved) and the documents you used to get the visa.

Points 2:

The next 10 points you will get for your maintenance, i.e. having money for your education fee and monthly living expenses.

Proof And Documents Needed:

You will need a bank’s confirmation letter or statement confirming that you have enough money for completion of your educational course along with the money that will cover up your everyday expenses of up to one year starting from your time of admission.

Course at an acceptable level:

Following is a list of courses that can lead to a well approved qualification:
1. National Qualifications framework (NQF), this is approved at level 3 or above.
2. Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF), this is also approved at the same level or above.
3. Same level goes for same level by the Qualifications, Curriculum and Assessment Authority for Wales (ACCAC) and for
4. Council for Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA) in Northern Ireland.

These are short-term study programs that are acceptable in UK as your education in an overseas high education institution. But for its acceptability it is important that UK NARIC confirms it as of a UK degree level.

At a level A2, the course of Common European Framework of Reference for Languages is also acceptable. But if you are interested in doing another English language course then you will have to give an assessment of the English language level you have got previously.

The Documentation needed for Sponsor:

Following is a list of documents you will need for sponsors:

Affidavit of Support Attested by Notary Public
(must be on the legal stamp paper of at least Rs. 20)
Affidavit of Property Evaluation (if applicable)
(i.e. Residential, Commercial or Agricultural properly, must be on property dealer letterhead)
Affidavit of Business or Employment Proof
(Source of Income, must be on the letterhead of Organization)
Bank Statements at least for last 6 months (Minimum Balance Rs. 25,00,000)
(Depends on Course and College/University)
Bank Confirmation Certificate
(Sponsor Relationship with Bank)
Copy of Sponsor’s ID Card and Passport (if applicable)
Proof of Relationship with the Student
(Form B or any other Relevant Evidence)
Copy of Tax Returns
(at least for last 2 years)
Copy of NTN Certificate
(Individual or Business)

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