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Stylish Corner Baths

Today everyone wants to be modern. Gone are the days when the bathroom bath was boring and rectangular. The corner bath design is one of the vestiges that prove that even bathrooms can be stylish. The real beauty of these bathtubs lies in their designs that are minimal yet elegant. You get a corner bathtub with surfaces smoothened perfectly for that extra comfort. No sooner, you see the bathtubs you are surrounded with desire of intimacy and chastity.

Luxury Stylish Corner Baths

Lavender Corner Bathroom Suite

Beautiful Stylish Corner Baths In Minimalist Bathroom

Simple Stylish Corner Baths

This is a luxury Nova Corner bath that is designed by Carlo Urbinati. This corner whirlpool bath Nova is from Jacuzzi collection. The Nova stylish whirlpool measuring 180cm in diameter by 66cm in height puts a spin on a traditional bath basic with its modern round shape and remote controlled features. This tub is more than a mere cleansing ritual, as Nova features 4 hydro massage jets and 6 for back massage to ensure that the long day at office melts away into the dark night.

Japanese bath tubs are superb for small corner baths. The Japanese have a long history of enjoying baths compared to westerners. Due to their lengthy experience with bath taking, there are pleasant features to installing a Japanese style corner bath. For some, the bath tub makes a huge impact on the décor of the bathroom.

These bathroom baths converts your boring bathing ritual in an enjoyable and relaxing ceremony. You just need to leave your body absolutely relaxed with the Eden whirlpools that are 50 cm deep. You will find yourself completely rejuvenated with the quick and relaxing massage that is created through the bottom raised air bubbles as well as water jets fitted at the sides. Your overall body receives the benefits of the massage through the foot jets/4back. As your head receives a comfortable pillow support, you can get a fully relaxed position in your slow paced, relaxing corner bathtub. Other than the headrest, you can also control the hydromassage manually as it arrives with an easy-to-use yet elegant control. You can always combine your cosy corner bathtub with Andros and Anthropos cabin.

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