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San Francisco Laser Hair Removal

San Francisco Laser Hair Removal

Constantly shaving or tweezing unwanted hair can be an uphill battle, but San Francisco laser hair removal provides a welcome reprieve from the daily routine. Laser hair removal is a great way to permanently reduce hair growth, so the need to shave becomes a thing of the past. There are a number of hair removal clinics and specialists in San Francisco that offer some of the latest in laser hair removal technology.


San Francisco laser hair removal is a relatively quick hour-long procedure that requires a few treatments to reach the desired result. After only 6-8 short treatments, and sometimes less than that, San Francisco laser hair removal patients will start to see a reduction in hair growth on their faces, backs, arms, legs, or wherever they choose to zap away unwanted hair. Usually the best candidates for San Francisco laser hair removal have light skin and dark hair, but people with red or fair hair can have the treatment as well, it just might take more treatments to accomplish the best results.

In San Francisco, laser hair removal yields few risks, and any side effects patients experience are generally mild. There is a slight stinging sensation during the procedure, but it is temporary and doesn’t cause any long-term discomfort. Other side effects of laser hair removal in San Francisco are redness, swelling and bruising, but these tend to clear up quickly. Scarring is no longer an issue thanks to the latest advancements in laser hair removal technology, which most San Francisco clinics are equipped with.

There are a number of highly qualified hair removal specialists and clinics in San Francisco. Residents can visit any of the American Laser Centers in San Francisco, San Mateo and Berkeley; or make an appointment at Pure Med Spa in Walnut Creek or Pleasanton. Wherever prospective patients choose to go, there will be certified specialists on hand to answer any questions and address all concerns about San Francisco laser hair removal.

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