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Reasons to Study Abroad in Australia

Reasons to Study Abroad in Australia

No doubt spending time in another country, whether for a week or a semester or to study abroad is a tough task, but the experience you get in return is really worth it. You make new friends and experience new culture and traditions. Studying abroad in Australia will give you one of the nicest experiences of your life. Its temperate weather, friendly people and multicultural aspects will leave you with a lot of sweet memories.Following are a few aspects which you can consider if you are planning a study trip to Australia.

Travel Opportunities

Cheap internal flights and tour options are available for students who can explore Australia when they are free from their colleges and universities and can also go to New Zealand or a nearby country in Southeast Asia.

Friendly Population

Population of Australia is almost 22 million. People there are friendly, nice, talkative, helpful and coming from different places of the world they make Australia a multicultural country.

Quality Education

A program called ESOS has been introduced by Australian Government in 2000 which has been created to protect international students and their rights. According to this program, any program that accepts international students must have student services and educational facilities that meet strict quality standards set by the government and this program can very possibly be the reason behind such a large increase in number of students who have applied to study in Australia in 2007 that is 400,000 international students.

Fun Facts

Australia is known for having most number of beaches in the world: 10,000 beaches plus the fact that according to marine life biologists 80 percent of the marine life in the south of the country can only be found in Australia. This all information can assure you a FUN stay in Australia.

Quality of Life

The Economist’s top 10 list of the most livable cities in the world has 4 cities of Australia in it, which are Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. Activities and events for everyone, including Aussie rules football, music festivals, cricket matches, art shows, in short activities for everyone can be found here in Australia.

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