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Personal Training Marketing System

Personal Training Marketing System

I have for you one of THE MOST powerful and effective lead generation programs for your fitness business. You will have more leads than you ever thought was possible.

Want to hear some great news? You can start realizing the benefits right away, and you don't have to take a course, or read any books about how to do this. It seem too good to be true, right?

But it's not. It's a proven program that will show you that your business can grow, and right away too! You're not going to have to break a sweat; it's so good that it will almost seem to work all on its own, if you do things right.

How well will it work? Well if you like the idea of earning six figures like I have using this system, then I would say that it will work very well for you.

The secret weapon that you need for your fitness business marketing program, is called a lead box. Yes, the same humble lead box that you might find at any privately owned store or restaurant. You might be scratching your head at this point, and maybe you've wondered if anyone can get leads from using a lead box. You can and this is how.

Let's say that you set out 10 lead boxes, and those 10 boxes produced 100 leads for you a week. In a month, you would have 400 leads, and even if you only got 200 leads that panned out, you'd be having a rockin' good month, leads wise.

Now here's the thing. In order for this to really start working for you, then you have to cultivate personal relationships with the owners and the operators of these businesses. There needs to be some incentive on their part to display your lead box. Otherwise, your lead box is going into the trash, and you will waste time and feel frustrated.

Next, get yourself a notepad and pen. Start making a list of 50 potential businesses that you can contact to put a box in their stores. Make sure that these are businesses that would be a natural fit for your fitness clients. Any of the beauty service shops are going to definitely be key. Also, think about places like health food stores, doctors offices, etc.

Make sure you then get phone numbers for these 50 businesses. You need to start making some phone calls to these businesses. The phones are a key point in your campaign. You will get on the phones and say something to this effect:

"Hi, I'm Joe or Jane Trainer, and I own a fitness boot camp, or a fitness studio. I wanted to inform you that I want to start referring all of my current and future clients to your business. The reason is because your business is a good fit for my clients. Who do I need to speak with regarding referring customers to your business?"

Please note this: You need to get past the gatekeepers. These are the cashiers, the front desk person or managers. You want the decision makers, such as the owners, the general managers, or the PR managers. They will want to know in their minds what's in this for them, and what's the catch. You'll say," I'd like to offer you and the staff a free membership to my (service that you offer). By the same token, I'll refer my clients to your business. You'll be among the few businesses that I feel are in line with the type of businesses that my clients would want to shop with. All that I'm asking is that you display one of my lead boxes in a prominent area. How does that sound?"

Either they'll say yes or no. If they say yes, you are going to put a lead box in their business. You will get some "no"s, and this is why you want to start with a baseline of 50 businesses.

Next, you're going to follow up on your lead boxes. Think of it like checking to make sure that the seeds that you planted are sprouting. Only, you are going to keep a constant check on your boxes. You WILL follow up on the leads immediately. If you do nothing else, you MUST follow this step, or the whole campaign will be shot.

Next, you will chose at random a "lucky winner" to get a free membership package once a month. The rest of the leads "win" a free week of your services. You'll want to do this when you're hosting a boot camp or a group training session. You don't want to spend excess resources on the one-on-ones.

Now, here's another reason for you to build those relationships with the owners and the managers. If they participate in your services and they like you, they will tell their customers to sign up in your lead boxes, and they will send people your way. Now your lead boxes are doing the hard work for you!

Like I mentioned, I used this, and my leads went through the roof! The same thing happened with my Fit Body Boot camp owners also. Money was made by all.

Last, remember that you should add the new leads to your FitPro newsletter email list when you contact them with the free week offer. Add those business owners to the email list also. If you do this, you make good on your word to promote their businesses.

The system that I just shared with you made me six figures and it can work so well for you!

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