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Grants for Women - Starting a Small Business

Grants for Women - Starting a Small Business

Women entrepreneurs who are looking for funds to finance their enterprise can receive money by way of grants. In fact, every year the US government assigns $350 billion in free government grants to small business enterprises. These grants are available for women who either want to start their own business, want to purchase an existing business or want to expand an existing business. Running their own business or buying an existing business, gives women the ability and confidence to handle their finances and capitalize on the success, if the business is already doing well. They can utilize these grants to buy the latest equipments, assets or hire new employees.

How to find a grant

Finding the right grant in the right place, is not an easy job. Therefore, here are some simple ways that will help you to find a grant in the most effective way.

Grants Online

There are many online sites which gives the required information and access to grants. In fact, some of them particularly aim at grants for women. Along with these sites, there are women's funding networks that encourage the growth of women's funds and help them succeed in their initiative.

Government Grants for Women

There are different divisions under which government grants can be categorized. For example, research technology and innovation grants are boosted by the federal government, for those women who are planning to develop software or providing online business consultations. The government is also interested in starting these business as they may lead to more employment, tax revenue and a flourishing economy. There are 100% free federal grants for women in which they only have to apply and if they qualify, they may never have to pay the money back.

Some other ways for finding grants for women owned businesses are as follows:
The local Small Business Association (SBA) office could help women find the right business grants. They help by leading women in the right direction in the respective market area of business. They also guide them in other aspects of starting and running a business.

Zealous entrepreneurs can avail priceless information on these services by consulting a Local SCORE office and 'Counselors to America's Small Business.'

Local business newspapers or magazines give the necessary details of the latest happenings in the business community and business grants offered to entrepreneurs who want to make their first attempt at a business.
Business organizations like the local Chamber of Commerce, also provide their own business grants which can be beneficial for fresh women entrepreneurs.

Business owners of a specific field can provide information on grants, for that domain of specific associations and organizations catering to their business. For example, a soap making organization will have relevant information on homemade soap businesses. Or a crafts business can provide necessary business grants information on general craft businesses.

Entrepreneurial women who want to start home-based businesses like catering, craft business, photography, brokerage, record-labels, etc, can also avail some special grants. Nowadays, women are proud owners of more and more businesses, and hence, women who have the courage to venture into the business world, are on a vantage point.

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